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A mobile application that informs residents about any emergency situation.

If people are forewarned, they have much more chances to take care of their safety. Our client, a life-saving service provider, wanted to modify the alerting system integrating it into people’s phones. Unlike any weather application, it not only inform users about coming storm, fire, hail, or other dangerous weather conditions, but also provide users with instruction how better to act, what to do with the property, and what essential documents to keep about themselves.



A mobile solution for people who like dining in a nice place.

In our collaboration with our client, we designed and developed a mobile solution for iOS and Android devices that could scan local restaurants and make a list of the places that fits users’ pre-defined food preferences. The app database also contains information about average price check, customers’ reviews, and common rating. Users can easily change their food preferences in their profiles, leave their own reviews, participate in the rating, and share their favorite places with friends.



An analytical and research tool for finance service providers

Working with a rating agency that specializes in comprehensive finance research and creation of ratings, we were asked to create a mobile platform that could enable their clients to access the results of their research on the go with no prejudice to the user experience. Guided by our client’s requirements, we wireframed and visualized a scalable solution for iPads for investors and finance analysts providing access to the real-time information in a graphic, intuitive way.



A traveling software solution for those who are about to visit Asian countries.

As we met a tourist agency with primary specialization in exploring Asia, we were asked to craft a traveling application for international tourist. One of the requirements was to make it multilingual so that it could support English, German, French, and Spanish. The application contains a comprehensive scope of helpful information for tourists who are going to visit such Asian countries as China, South Korea, Thailand, New Zealand, etc. It assists in creating a trip plan with a detailed description of local sights, provides information about hotels, and provide recommendations on local cuisine.


CheckIn System

An admin system for streamlined guest registration

Another solution for iPads was developed by our development team to improve visitors registration practices with a new web admin dashboard. The customer company asked us to craft a system that would enable them to check in unlimited visitors number and send automatic notifications to staff about visitors arrivals. Logged in visitors allow the system to view their movements within the building in real time. The system also provides information about the visitor’s company, locations, billing, and others. The access to it depends on the user’s role.



An educational and entertaining application on healthcare matters

Our team was engaged in the development of a naturalistic game which has educational content helping users to find out more about health intervention, evaluation, and assessment in a gaming manner. With the main focus on the neurocognitive human reaction, it provides an interactive way to learn more about yourself. We work closely with the healthcare specialists to ensure the usability and trustworthiness of the application. Which test its users, analyzes their results and store for the historical overview.