Outsource Your App Development to Reliable Partners

We specialize in delivering high-performance, scalable commercial and enterprise apps.

A team of experts at your service

We help transform your ideas into next generation digital products that solve problems and make your app popular on the market.

As a trusted outsourcing partner based in the United States, we offer outsource app development services to companies of all sizes worldwide and have been promoting IT software creation for nearly a decade.

An experienced technology developer

Our IT company employs only the most experienced, talented and technical advanced app builders, so customers can outsource any complex app development project to our team. Developers have a deep understanding of the basic platform / framework for app development. We have over 150 full-time working in-house architects, designers and engineers ready to meet the most demanding requirements of innovative users and market environment.

Complete your projects with experts and let us create the best customer contact for your company.

Professional Services

  • Strategy. Identify opportunities and requirements and work out the business concepts with the help of our analysts. Create an app strategy with guru outsourcing consultants.
  • Design. With more than 200 app projects and 9 years of design experience, our company will be the best app design partner for outsourced app visualisaton.
  • Development. Our IT firm is known for its high performance and scalable custom apps. Outsourcing app development for many clients, we have qualified programmers with extensive experience in state-of-the-art development tools and technologies to implement your task in agreed deadlines.
  • Support and maintenance. Our team provides efficient support and maintenance after deployment and never fails to deliver products best suited to the growing market and customer needs.
  • Promotion. Do not make your product a needle in a haystack. Our team will help your app in a spectacular way.

How to outsource in the best way?

When you outsource your projects to a dedicated team like ours, be prepared to invest in a comprehensive development process.

When it comes to app development, well thought out strategies are crucial. Having built and deployed more than two hundred apps, and our team outlines the perfect way to make your business successful.

Become the center of creation

Although we are good experts in software creation, but when you outsource the projects to us, we need your active participation in the planning phase. The business manager and analyst will help you outline the perfect plan and reveal the issues that need to be addressed. But we need your knowlege of the industry to set the proper goals.

Major strategic factors


The app portfolio defines many things. These may be, but are not limited to:

  • App category
  • The size of the user base
  • BYOD implementation
  • Allow cross-platform compatibility
  • Interaction with IoT applications and tools
  • Allow biometric access to documents and more

The mix of applications is basically about the nature, opportunity and target audience of the app. When you understand what software needs to do, it's time to specify tools and development standards.

Tools and teams

Your app usually consists of multiple components. Some may require developers to apply local tools while others may require a mixed environment.

Some important factors to consider:

  • Single or multiple outsource groups
  • Separation of development between outsourcing and internal team (if any)
  • Decide on local, hybrid and multiplatform solutions

For small independent software, it is usually easy to choose because it usually requires a team.

Support Infrastructure

We always do a lot of tests on some potential users before launch your web app publically. This determines the infrastructure we are going to use and helps to set proper decision regarding the development.

  • Determine the software configuration to set the budget
  • Identify DevOps and Continuous Integration Environment
  • Standardize the entire DevOps system
  • Use the best server technology for the most efficient overall performance

If you're outsourcing the production of small-scale apps, our team will use SQL Server or MySQL on AWS, then expand to Amazon Aurora or other relenat to your task.

System Management and Monitoring

After configuring the scheduling and deployment requirements, it is crucial to view and define the operational requirements of the app. Given the technologies used, governance standards can help prevent the development of undesirable anomalies in the workflow.

  • Define strategy for used tools
  • Define system expansion and migration strategy
  • Define parameters and standardize to solve problems and improve resource reuse
  • Determine the company strategy remains unchanged
  • Ensure the strategy enables innovation, deployment speed, and cost optimization

Outsource software architecture to our company and experts will describe the best strategy for your project according to your requirements and business model regardless of your customer base.

Breathe life into your project

Our software development organization is a leader in outsourcing developers in the United States and is known for customized ways to create superior digital products.

When you outsource your project to our company, you can be assured that you will have the best bespoke solution because of the significant experience that developers can help clients meet the needs of companies and generate a return on investment.

For more than seven years, our group has continuously provided a first-class service for the construction of outsourcing software. When you choose us, you will work with the most cost-effective team that has been designing and developing resource-rich projects for years.

Our team

Our company employs only the most intelligent, talented, and skilled software makers. Our average developer has about 5 years of experience building applications on iOS and Android.

With more than 200 realised cases, implemented by innovative developers, designers and engineers, we offer on-demand resources to help you meet harsh working conditions, deadlines, and commitment to the market needs.

Specialty and Skills

By expanding the roster of mobile software programming, developers have in-depth knowledge in developing mission-critical, data-driven, high-performance projects using cloud Web services such as AWS, iCloud, Rackspace, Amazon S3, Azure, Dropbox, and content delivery networks.

In all categories of the most popular operating systems, we have developed and deployed more than 100 mobile apps. No matter how unique and challenging your ideas are, we can do that.

List of potentially infinite benefits

The unique USPs listed below make us the preferred choice to outsource all software-related tasks:

  • Our company is among the top outsourced software development groups in the world with a record of success.
  • Our team outsource development services to large brands and local startups.
  • With offices in the United States, we outsource software for global buyers worldwide.
  • Throughout the development process, team members guide customers to transform their original vision into a powerful app and the most effective business tool. The outsourced development lifecycle begins with the query and is seen through strategic planning, functional design UI / UX, programming, coding, testing, in-store posting, advertising and marketing, maintenance and support.
  • A team of more than 200 talented designers and skilled developers who are well versed in applications that change the rules of the game in terms of size and scope.
  • Developers specify great ways and tactics to deliver excellent web and mobile design, outsourced iOS and Android development, web app development, cross-platform and usable solutions, and many more to help drive revenue and digitize customers.
  • As our experienced designers, Android developers and iOS developers are technically talented in adapting to the new changes taking place in the software industry, customers outsource projects to us. They pay special attention to the customer's business desires, app market trends, technical know-how and cutting-edge practices.
  • We have great experience in developing flexible, revolutionary, attractive and easy-to-use applications for all types of smartphones at very competitive prices. In-house developers make compelling applications for businesses, small groups, and e-commerce giants.
  • We are committed as one of the leading app manufacturing companies to follow a high standard of corporate integrity. To ensure the confidentiality and security of your corporate ideas and data, we enter into confidentiality agreements with our customers.
  • We place a high value on business ethics and many aspiring entrepreneurs create products that are outsourced to them.

Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Complete the testing of existing programs or rely on our test-driven development programs to get the best solution for your business.

Basic tests

We conduct a purposeful testing of all software and confirm that it is compatible with your hardware and peripherals as well as with other software programs that are critical to your core business responsibilities.

Our team is well-versed in the basic technology to evaluate and customize devices as needed, such as C, C #, C ++, Java, Python, Perl and Ruby.

As part of the quality assurance process, development teams routinely perform API tests to confirm that their underlying software will communicate seamlessly with other programs.

Software integration

Instead of living in a vacuum, these programs interact to perform the intended functions. We integrate test software programs using advanced test equipment that conforms to industry best practices.

Multiple systems? No problem

Our team supports multiple platform testing and closely examines availability, speed, reliability and other requirements of everything.

Support and Maintenance

After the implementation of effective support and transformation, make the outsourcing more favorable.

Once the app is deployed, we deliver the management control to you. However, many customers decide to outsource support services after the project starts. With that in mind, our company focused on providing product maintenance and protection products to keep it up to date.

As the consumer community continues to grow, server migration, low latency and many other factors. These elements affect the performance of the entire program without delay and can undermine the success achieved. Qualified team members are here to help.

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