Advanced Custom Web Application Development

We create flexible and scalable web apps using proven development processes and take advantage of the latest technology.

Development of professional web apps

Our IT team is involved in the custom web application development to create fast and responsive products that provide an excellent user experience and lead to greater commitment.

Scalable solution

Designed to handle a large volume of traffic, our web application processes huge amounts of statistics without downtime.

Creation of secure software

Using the latest encryption technology and excellent encryption, developers ensure that their custom web-based apps are safe from all possible threats.

We produce first class programs according to the best practices established by the giants, like Apple and Google, and we keep up to date on the evolution of modern technology to let it be implemented in our mobile and web custom software.


Smart business apps and results

With custom web applications, we can help companies make smarter decisions with smart data-based structures that work better together in a synchronized way, work with internal process management tools and achieve a greater goal with digital campaigns.

Based on all the data, we measure the key performance metrics for ROI and future replication. The crew of our analysts has gained much recognition and experience in the domain to present high quality solutions for manual purposes, which will generate more than two hundred creative projects.

Amazing branded promo sites

Introduce new products and services, or promote existing ones, improve brand identity and buyer’s interest, or participate in initiatives to increase advertising efforts. These are just some of the many things that our landing pages allow for brands and businesses.

Cross-platform, laser-focused microsite and landing pages help to deliver the message at the same time cumulative data allows tracking and measure the metrics of landing pages generated for separate events or site promotions. Your custom product will attract new potential customers and increase the return on investment.

Reliable research apps

By collecting real-world data by connecting researchers with real facts of custom apps, we can help grow enormously in a short space of time. A convenient and easy-to-use system that takes advantage of existing technology to gather the right information and deliver it. They are in the hands of people who shape future education.

Flexible, scalable, flexible and flexible research apps open doors that have never existed before, which gives us the possibility to create customized products. Great Leading the way with leading IT solutions in the industry created by our team of professionals.

Safe and efficient web portal and e-commerce apps

Through communities and markets integrated into web apps, people can find the products they need and the information they need. By purchasing online through the job portal, these web-based search apps allow verbal exchanges between legitimate parties to drive transactions.

The application offers ideas and points of view to measure success. Custom web applications are very useful for unused products because they have unique designs in the process, with guidelines and customizations to handle business needs.

Scalable SaaS products

Implemented as an arm of digital development for new companies, visionaries and established companies, we join their team to bring their products to the market. From strategy to implementation, our team uses more than two hundred experiences to provide verbal information and points of view for each step.

Whether it is UX, UI or central development, we follow our high standards of organization and company and our strict guidelines, and we are a factor in sharing our success and pride in our partnership.

Our custom development process

We are flexible in our approach to personalized development and our talent pool.

Each mission is unique and we treat it as such.


Some emails and documents, along with telephones, are what we need to have a clear idea of ​​the challenge. Video conferencing and screen sharing are also available when necessary.

Offers solutions

Next, software developers and other custom development process specialists will brainstorm and carry out feasibility studies. Based on our needs and evaluations, we collaborate with you to gather the best customizations for the job.

From technical limitations until now to the problem in the price range. We have a perspective of each aspect and we offer a "project plan" that adapts to all those interested.

The action plans include:

  • Technology evaluation
  • Characteristics / specifications
  • Milestones and timelines
  • Price structure and budget

We have two pricing systems to help you establish the economic and organizational objectives:

  • Flat rate: when the scope of work is fixed
  • Time and material: when the workload is unknown and is in progress
Creation of products

Step 1

  • Evaluation / Design
  • Wireframes

Step 2

  • UI / UX design
  • User history
  • Architecture
  • Test case

Step 3

  • Development of front-end
  • Development of back-end
  • Testing and quality assurance

Step 4

  • Deployment
  • Inspection
  • Retouch
Active Check and Repeat

When a run is completed, the developer will install it in all the necessary means. (Including web servers / cloud storage or mobile application stores)

Experts monitor the overall performance of both technical attitudes and consumer behavior and regularly review development

Based on the needs and plans of the organization, we plan to improve the future replication and deployment of recent compilations

Best practices for developing web apps

It combines the experience of many disciplines, including programming, art and behavioral psychology, to name a few.

Applications are now running in the cloud

Over the years, we discovered that custom web applications become standard. Previously, most of the areas consisted of webmail clients. However, today you can discover web apps of all kinds within the cloud. For example, word processor, spreadsheet program, CRM collaboration manager, game editor, video editor, photo editor and many more.

What is this?

With more advanced web browsers and new technologies for personalized development, creators can control and take advantage of more features, making things impossible in the past. The continued use of future browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox, improves performance. The other main components that help the applications to run in the browser are the fact that the software is available instantaneously on all devices, whether a desktop, smartphone or tablet. The quantity of traffic, which mobile devices bring to your domain through the web today, is the main point of sales now.


Choosing the right technology for development is an important choice that must be made through experience and research. A number of important choices to make include the selection:

  • Languages ​​- (Java, C, ЗHP, Javascript, Python, Ruby)
  • Framework - ( Node, Rails, Laravel, Backbone, Angular)
  • Database - (MySQL, Redis, CouchDB, Postgres, MogoDB)
  • Server - (Nginx, Apache)

These options are not black or white. There are many ways to develop a company's approach. Decision making requires a number of factors, including scalability. Instead, take into account the available experience of the team at the platform level. People can recognize the need to drive the development of custom applications on a platform that probably is a"Taste of the month" and is receiving all the news. However, it may not be the right platform for the event.

Cross platform

It is important to know the number of exclusive platforms for which an application must be available. This may vary from one application to another, since some web applications have no other benefit than a PC, while other custom products are still available on mobile devices to add apps. Existing web pages.


One of the most challenging elements in the development of a custom web application is to create an application of the right size. So, what determines how to correctly use the scales? For an average user session, consider the following metrics.

  • CPU usage: normally it can be high if there is no doubt that it has been optimized and absorbed too much processing to get results.
  • Use of bandwidth: you can increase overhead if each user session consumes more bandwidth than required.
  • Read / write database: the amount of read / write in the database increases the overhead, usually because it is the main cause of CPU usage.
  • The amount of data consumed by the average user will increase the overhead and would like to increase the efficiency of cargo management.
The method that can be handled is:
  • Optimization of the database: make the structure of your table as accurate as possible, according to the complexity of the business in question.
  • Search query optimizer: database queries should be optimized to ensure that this data returns complete data. There are many ways to collect information from the database and the most effective way is not the most obvious.
  • Cache: Limit the amount of read / write access to a database using caching technology, such as Memcache. Follow the steps to make sure that users always see the current data and not just the cached cache.
  • Dedicated servers: assign unique tasks to the servers, such as having a CDN for static documents, servers, cache, database servers, etc., and create groups. There is a way to connect additional servers as needed.
  • AMD
  • intel
  • PlayStation

Dedicated software development team

We are a great thinker passionate about creating great ideas, turning them into powerful and intelligent products.

Web creator

Great variety and versatility with the ability to develop many languages ​​and frames. (The Lean and Lean Lean development is always up to date) with the current technological advances and the most advanced procedures in each step.

  • Experience: PHP, Laravel, Node, Reaction, MySQL, Perspective, MongoDB, Redis, CouchDB and others.
Creator of mobile phones

Industry leaders, such as Apple and Google, keep up with the latest technology developments each year, along with the release of the latest hardware and software to be implemented several times per year.

  • Programming languages: Swift and Objective-C (iOS), Java (Android)
Developer VR

Creating an interactive world in virtual reality. A fiction for beginners, pioneer and naturalist, naturally, with passionate passion and interest in pushing the limit where possible.

  • Technology used: Oculus, Google Daydream, Unity, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR
Testers and quality control engineers help

Our QA department responsible for:

  • A checklist creation to make sure everything runs smoothly. Tests of performance, safety, peak hardware and software pressure and automation of test procedures focused on the human behavior and hackers attacks. Delivering automation for testing to provide full code coverage and better tests of all programm components performance
  • Deliverables: test cases, roadmap, comments, matrix revisions, traceability and reports

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